Got carded?


If you are checking this site, it is probably because you got one of these cards while attending Celebration 6.  Thanks for visiting!  Say hello (leave a reply). I plan to add more content in the weeks and months to come (after C6 of course)…so please stop back.


Hello there!

Welcome to the ‘reincarnation’ of I hope that this site will be both a place to share my Star Wars collection (focused on, but not limited to Kenobi) and pay homage to the part that Obi-Wan Kenobi plays in the Star Wars saga.

There is not much here, yet. Patience young Jedi, patience.

This site sat more-or-less vacant for what seems like a thousand generations.  With the approach of Star Wars Celebration 6, I found new hope that I could do something with it. What better time and place to spread the word?

And it would not have happened without the help of my good friend and fellow PSWCS member Eric Franks.  Without his help, WordPress would not be up and running. For the latest on Star Wars news and information, be sure to check out Eric’s awesome webpage ImperialHolocron.